Why Scotus Central Catholic?

Scotus Central Catholic is located in Columbus, Nebraska. Columbus is a small city of about 21,000 in east central Nebraska. Scotus is the only Catholic high school in Columbus and is the largest Catholic secondary school outside of Omaha or Lincoln in Nebraska. Scotus Central Catholic has a faith-filled faculty and extraordinary parental involvement. Scotus has a student to teacher ratio of 16:1. The average class size is 20 students; this allows students to receive individualized attention. 97-100% percent of Scotus graduates attend college.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of Catholic education is to provide young people with a strong religious foundation upon which to build the rest of their lives. Scotus Central Catholic forms students in traditional values to build their lives on the message of the Gospel by proclaiming the “good news” in word and action. In addition, the education program prepares students to compete in an increasingly technological society with a comprehensive curriculum as well as a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

Academic Excellence

Scotus Central Catholic is an exceptionally dedicated institution with the highest expectations for its staff and students. There are excellent opportunities for individuals to participate in class discussions and projects. Students are challenged academically and have the benefit of personal attention from the instructors. The overall students/teacher ratio is 16:1, which is an ideal situation for work and study for both students and teachers. Scotus is a great place to be, live, and grow!

Financial Costs

Scotus is funded from three sources. One-third of the cost to keep Scotus in existence comes from an investment from the three Catholic parishes in Columbus. Each parish gives financial support to Scotus based on the number of families in each parish. Another portion of the cost comes from development activities and volunteer work. It is encouraged for all parents to contribute volunteer time to raise funds for Scotus. The last third of the cost consists of the tuition paid by families who attend Scotus.

What parents have to say:

What's it like to have students at Scotus Central Catholic? Watch these two testimonials from parents of Shamrock students.
Nathan Karges Testimonial

Nathan Karges Testimonial

Scotus Central Catholic Parent/Alumni

"You really feel like you are a part of something, it is like an extended family. From what I've felt, from all the different things I've been a part of here when I was here and as an alumni, I really feel like there is a community feel at Scotus that lasts beyond your six years as a student."

Patricia Chavez Testimonial

Patricia Chavez Testimonial

Scotus Central Catholic Parent

"Cuando Antonio ya va a salir y va a enfrentar el mundo, la vida, todo eso se lo ha fortalecido Scotus. Muy aparte de la educación que nosotros le hemos dado en la casa, la escuela ha coincidido con todo lo que nosotros hemos enseñado en casa, entonces simplemente ha sido un fortalecimiento y en el cual hemos estado casi siempre de acuerdo."

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