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Columbus Big Give

Scotus Central Catholic’s 2017 Big Give Goal

Through this year’s Columbus Big Give, Scotus Central Catholic hopes to replace a portable AC unit in our server room with a new and more appropriate cooling system.  As you might guess the many servers operating in support of the hundreds of computers at Scotus generate heat; and heat can damage the servers!  Currently our AC unit is a floor model that runs constantly and vents to the room through a long flexible hose (see photo, far right.)  During the summer months the school uses a bucket to collect condensation from the hose—not the ideal system for managing the climate in a room of high tech equipment that supports all of the desktop and mobile devices in our school!  The new system will have a thermostat and the air handling unit will be outside of the building.

Goal:  $3,000 for a new computer server room Air Conditioner. The new unit will be located outside the building and vent into the room through duct work.

Please consider participating in the Columbus BigGive—a  24-hour fundraising blitz set for Friday May 19th.  Go to and select the Scotus page to make your donation and see the Scotus video about why we need your support!  You can also use the donate button on the Scotus web site at  And donations can always be dropped off at the school.

Donations made through the Columbus BigGive web site will be eligible for matching gift funds from event sponsors.  And the organization video with the most “likes” will receive a $1,000 bonus prize.  More information about the bonus prize contest is forthcoming.

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