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Upgrading Technology at Scotus

As many of you are aware, on Sept.22 we will be hosting the Sec. Chuck Hagel Legacy Dinner here at Scotus. What has come to my attention is that maybe some of you are unclear about the purpose of this dinner. This dinner is designed to honor the legacy of one of our most famous alumni but also to be a fundraiser for technology for our school. In particular to purchase technology related to STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Secretary Hagel offered his assistance to help us raise funds for this project and from that gesture this dinner was created. We are very thankful for his assistance!
My vision for our school is to incorporate more technology into our already rigorous curriculum. We will never abandon the strategies that have worked so well in our classroom but only try to further enhance them. We have extremely bright students who also need some of this technology to prepare them for future careers or give them the chance to be innovative and creative. Here are some examples of some areas we will try to incorporate new curriculum.
Robotics- By giving our students access to robotics they will have the opportunity to use this technology to solve real problems. They will learn programming and coding skills. Students may develop a passion as a mechanical engineer that leads to jobs in research and development for local companies.
3-D Printing- This will be a major component of our tech purchases. 3-D printing will give our students in Math and Science classes the ability to create projects but also the ability to print them out in 3-D. Our Modern Technology class will also use the 3-D printing for their architectural drawings they create.
Drones- I would also like to incorporate drone technology to our Modern Tech and Earth Science classes. This will allow our students to create videos for our school or partner with local businesses to create promotional videos. The science class can use the drone to study the river systems so close to us. As well as research the growth of crops in local fields.
Graphic Design- This is an area that we need to improve in. New software in this area will enhance the curriculum in our Media and Art classes. I am really excited that our new Art teacher has a background in this area and we will be able to expand our curriculum in Art. This software will also enhance our Media class that helped the school capture it’s first Journalism State Championship last year.
Video and Music Editing- We are planning to purchase a green screen that enables you to put graphics in the background of a video you are creating. We also hope to create our own YouTube channel that will highlight activities going on at our school. The music editing will enhance the capabilities of our Band and Vocal Music departments.
Virtual Reality- This will be another fun area for our Science classes. We can provide our Anatomy class with virutal reality glasses that allow you to experience the human body in a variety of ways. Students can look at bones, muscles and organs all in high resolution 3-D.
So that’s a ton of new things for our school. Every penny raised will go toward purchasing new equipment and professional development for our teachers. I am happy to say that we will be partnering with UNO for many of these things and they will help us incorporate that into our curriculum and the professional development. We are investing in our students and the experience they have at Scotus. I hope that if you are a parent (like I am) that you are excited for the potential of all of these things for OUR school. We need your help though to make this happen. Please consider attending the dinner. I think it is important for our school community that we are committed to providing the best possible Catholic education for our students. Tickets can be purchased through the Development Office but hurry because Sept. 22 is approaching quickly. If you have specific questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Jeff Ohnoutka
Scotus Central Catholic

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