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Cafeteria News

Cafeteria director Holli Bettenhausen has put together some information regarding the recent changes in the cafeteria.

Federal Requirements PowerPoint

Because of the changes to the menu, the cafeteria staff has put together several options for students so they can be sure to get as much food as they need for lunch.

  1. Unlike other schools, Scotus’ salad bar is included in the lunch cost, and students can have seconds on everything on the salad bar.
  2. As in previous years, students can purchase a second full lunch, but added this year, students can purchase individual items from the ala carte menu, which gives them the options they want at a cheaper rate. These options can be charged to their regular lunch account.

  1. Students can purchase an additional milk.  Because milk expenses come from a different account, students cannot charge milk to their regular lunch account.  To make this easier, account manager Shelly Adams has created a second milk account for students so they do not have to have cash on hand each day for milk.  They can either pay in cash for milk, or they can bring money to start a milk account.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, you can contact Holli Bettenhausen <> or Shelly Adams <> in the cafeteria.



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