Scrip is a great and easy way to support our schools without spending extra money. The money raised through Scrip is used to purchase many items to improve and enhance each child’s education. But how does it really work?
Here’s an example…you buy a $100 gift card for HyVee for $100. You spend $100 and get $100 right back…you are out nothing. The school has purchased that card for $97, profiting the school $3 for that 1 card. Each vendor offers back a certain percentage in the gift cards they sell to us…some as much as 20% back. There are thousands of vendors available through the National Vendor, but there are also nearly 70 very popular local and national vendors on hand at all times for you to purchase.
Money raised through Scrip is used to purchase items to improve each child’s education. If you would like to participate in Scrip, you can swing by your parish elementary school or you can make purchases at weekend Masses.
School Scrip Contacts:
St. Anthony’s: Nancy Gasper – and Amy Sokol –
St. Bonaventure’s: Barb Brockhaus –
St. Isidore’s: Andrea Kuhl –
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