Activities contribute much to the development of the whole person.  Thus the program is an integral part of Scotus Central Catholic and is under the immediate supervision of the Activity Director.


  1. To promote the complete physical, moral, intellectual, emotional, and social development of each student
  2. To cultivate mental alertness
  3. To assist the individual in solving his/her problems, in acquiring self-direction, and in developing a sense of responsibility, along with the spirit of self-sacrifice and obedience
  4. To teach each participant to perform to the best of his/her abilities and to accept defeat gracefully and victory without any display of arrogance
  5. To cultivate leadership, friendship, courtesy, kindness and thoughtfulness


  1. The entire activities program is under the immediate direction of the Activity Director who will foster a balanced physical plan for students participating.
  2. Participants are reminded that their conduct both in and outside of school reflects the worth of the individual, of our school, and of the Body of Christ.
  3. No participant will enter into controversy with the game officials, the opposing team, the coaches, or the spectators. Any friction or misunderstanding caused by others should be referred to the coach/sponsor, who will discuss the matter with the Activity Director.  Failure to observe this regulation will result in appropriate action.
  4. Equipment and recreational facilities should be treated properly. Any abuse will require restitution on the part of the offender.
  5. The administration reserves the right to drop any student from activities temporarily or permanently for violations of any school training regulation,


Junior High Activities

Band – Mrs. Kristen Cox
Speech – Ms. Melanie Mimick
Student Council – Mrs. Deb Ohnoutka
FBLA – Mrs. Kris Wurtz
Campus Ministry – Mrs. Dana Ritzdorf
Football – Mr. Jarrod Ridder
Volleyball – Mrs. Kristie Brenzenski, Mrs. Kim Dreeson, Mrs. Kendra Thiem
Cross Country – Mrs. Betsy Rall and Mrs. Amy Sokol
Wrestling – Mr. Rod Boss
Boys’ Basketball – Mr. Denny Sliva, Mr. Chris Mustard, Mr. Clyde Ericson
Girls’ Basketball – Ms. Jill Brichacek, Mr. Rusty Kuhl
Track and Field – Mr. Clyde Ericson Mr. Ryan Baker

High School Activities

Band – Mrs. Kristen Cox
Jazz Band – Mrs. Kristen Cox
Drumline – Mrs. Kristen Cox
Shamrock Singers – Ms. Laura Salyard
School Musical – Ms. Laura Salyard
One Act Play – Mr. Clyde Ericson
Speech – Ms. Melanie Mimick
Campus Ministry – Mrs. Dana Ritzdorf
Robotics – Mrs. Betsy Rall
Garden Club – Mrs. Betsy Rall
Flag Corps – Ms. Laura Salyard
Cheerleading – Mrs. Pat Engel
Newspaper – Mrs. Angie Rusher
Yearbook – Mrs. Angie Rusher
FBLA – Mrs. Kris Wurtz
Student Council – Mrs. Lahm
HOSA – Mrs. Bridget McPhillips
National Honor Society – Ms. Jane Dusel-Misfeldt
Mock Trial – Mrs. Joan Lahm
Cross Country – Mrs. Betsy Rall and Mrs. Amy Sokol
Volleyball – Mrs. Janet Tooley
Girls’ Golf – Mrs. Tanya Niedbalski
Football – Mr. Tyler Linder
Girls’ Basketball – Mr. Jarrod Ridder
Boys’ Basketball – Mr. Mike VunCannon
Wrestling – Mr. Roderick Boss
Girls’ Soccer – Mrs. Kristie Brezenski
Boys Soccer – Mr. PJ Miller
Boys’ Golf – Mr. Brady Vancura
Boys’ Track and Field – Mr. Joe Schoenfelder, Ms. Alex Meyer

Co-op Athletics with Columbus High School
Boys’ Tennis
Girls’ Tennis

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