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Alumna/Alumnus of the Year


The 20th annual Alumna of the Year and Honorary Alumnus of the Year Award winners were Jill (Kruse ’93) and Dr. Dale Zaruba.  Jill and Dale Zaruba are exemplary Scotus parents and when they frequently volunteer to support he school it is always with enthusiasm and ownership.  They have volunteered for the Scotus Gala for a number of years and served as vice-chairs in 2015 and co-chairs in 2016.   They currently help on the Gala decorating committee.  Dale has served on the Scotus board of education for the last 5 years—and one year (2017) as the board president.  The Zaruba’a are active in their parish, St. Isidore’s, and they have 3 children attending Scotus, Isabel will be  in 8th grade, Liza who will be a senior this fall and Drew who graduated, May 2019.

Criteria for Selection:
• Support of Catholic Education (volunteer, financial, sending children to, etc)
• Excellence in their vocation as a parent, professional or clergy member
• Civic involvement (leadership and voluntary involvement, club memberships, etc.)
• Parish involvement

Alumnus/na of Year Inductees/ Induction Year/ Graduation Year
Fr. Damien Zuerlein/ 2000 /1973
Carroll Melliger/ 2001/ 1941
Sr. Christine Hayes/ 2002/ 1951
Joe Tooley/ 2003/ 1955
Mike Moser/ 2004/ 1969
Karen Gdowski Mroczek/ 2005/ 1973
Fr. Jeff Loseke/ 2006/ 1992
Gregg Melliger/ 2007/ 1975
Al Niedbalski/ 2008/ 1971
Linda Schrad Levos/ 2009/ 1975
Tony & Phyl (Foltz) Zabawa/ 2010/ 1942 & 1942
Mike & Agne (Placzek) Pickhinke/ 2011/ 1950
Bill and Linda Vobril Kosch/ 2012/ 1968, 1968
Tim and Amy (Maguire) Harrington/ 2013/ 1977, 1978
Jeanne Kopetzky DeRuyscher/ 2014/ 1971
Gerry and Kathy (Kurtenbach) Engelbert/ 2015/ Honorary, 1958
Rick Zoucha/ 2016/ 1986
Todd and Lisa (Cielocha) Duren/ 2017/1985
Aaron Dowd/2018/1999
Jill (Kruse) and Dr. Dale Zaruba/2019/1993, Honorary

If you would like to nominate a Shamrock graduate for the Alumna/Alumnus of the Year Award, please send your nomination to the: Scotus Development Office, 1554 18 Ave, Columbus NE 68601 or by E-mail at (Alumna is for women and Alumnus is for men)

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