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Alumni Basketball

Mark your calendars now for the thirty-seventh annual Scotus Central Catholic Men’s Alumni Basketball Tournament to be held on Friday and Saturday, March 20-21, 2020. 

36th Annual Alumni Basketball Tourney                                  

The 36th annual Shamrock Alumni/nae Basketball Tourney brought 176 graduates back to Scotus for a celebration of tradition and camaraderie.

“A” Division was captured in a buzzer beater by the Class of 2016A Team.

The “B” Division went to Team 2004/2006 and the “C” Division was won by 1981/1982/1980/1979/1978/1974.

One Ladies Division game was also played along with two Legends Division games. A social and dinner followed the tourney featuring guest speaker and tourney founder, former Shamrock coach, Frank Spenceri.

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