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Alumni Soccer

The next alumni/nae soccer tourney will be held August 7-8, 2020!  Make plans to attend and enjoy another great weekend!

12th Annual Soccer Tourney

150 players returned to Columbus this past weekend to take part in the 12th annual Shamrock Alumni/nae Soccer Tournament. The division champions were: Green Division (Team 1998-99), Gold Division (Team 2012-14) and Women’s Division (Team 2015-19.) This was the 6th championship for Team 1998-99 and the first championship for both Team 2012-14 and the women’s division champion, Team 2015-19. Celebrating tradition! Go Shamrocks!

Special thank you’s to Evan Trofholz Ground Care (’98), Mike and LaVonne Kaup, Jeff Thiele (’81), Nicole Saalfeld (’04), Steve “Woody” Hoffman (’75) at Sahara, Joe Niedbalski (’97) at Runza, for sponsoring this year’s tournament.

Here are the winners:  Green Division (left to right): Justin Fry (’98), Troy Van Dyke (’98), Jon Brezenski (’98), Robbie Diederich (’99), Kevin Sypal (’98), Adam Cieloha (’98), Ej Brezenski (’99), Scott Kuehler (’99), Tom Rogers (’99), Jason Cieloha (’99), Evan Trofholz (’98), Sean Mohatt (’98) and Kip Kudron (’08).

Gold Division: Ian Ostdiek (’14), Taylor Johnson (’13), Dylan Kuta (’13), Austin Wendt (’13), Jake Huss (’13), Nick Pandorf (’13), Chris Hernandez (’12), Zach Zarek (’13) and Jake Gilson (’13).

Women’s Division: Courtney Kosch (’19), Maggie Feehan (’18), Kelsey Wiehn (’17), Emma Brandt (’19), Allie Johnson (’16), Anna Wickham (’16), Emily Fehringer (’16), Eastyn Klink (’17), Emma Strecker (’17), Grace Wickham (’18), and Emily Stutzman (’19).

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