Thank you for supporting the Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal 2022-23

          Each year, we present to our stakeholders’ opportunities to make a positive impact on the faith-based education provided at Scotus Central Catholic.  This fall, we ask for your support to address an important need for all four Columbus Catholic schools.

An essential resource of our Columbus Catholic Schools (CCS) is without question, our teachers.  Please give your prayerful support and donate to the first ever, Columbus Catholic Schools Annual Appeal.

Our CCS faculty view their assignment as a vocation and not a job and they genuinely care about the academic achievement and faith-development of every student.  Please support the benefit plan given to our teachers, all of whom work for less compensation than their public-school counterparts:


You can help us continue an outstanding tradition of retaining experienced teachers in our CCS classrooms and to recruit new teachers when that time arises.  Thank you for investing in our students’ Catholic education and in the professional service of our teachers.


Or Mail donation to: Development Office, Scotus Central Catholic, 1554 18th Ave, Columbus NE 68601

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