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Annual Appeal 2018
How can you continue to make a difference at Scotus? Consider the opportunity through this fall’s Annual Appeal to help Scotus make significant improvements to our school’s classrooms. The appeal’s goal is to raise $105,000 to make the following improvements in our classrooms: replace 54-year old fluorescent light fixtures with efficient LED lighting, paint walls, replace flooring, add storage furniture such as bookshelves or cabinets, install new HVAC controllers (like thermostats) in each room and replace some of the faculty desks.

We are most excited about the LED lighting and controllers since they will both improve the environment in our classrooms. LED lighting is not only more energy efficient but it makes the printed word easier to read, and the new controllers will give faculty greater control of the temperature in their classrooms.

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Last fall’s annual appeal was a tremendous success and we exceeded our $100,000 goal! Scotus received 624 donations totaling $123,075.92 to support the addition of air conditioning in the Dowd Activity Center and in the weight room. And because of your extra support, we were also able to install LED lighting in the main office hallway. For the 2018 appeal, we are off to a nice start with $1,200 in donations that were made at the end of calendar year 2017 and directed to this fall’s effort. Thank you in advance for your support, and watch for the appeal mailing that will be sent in October!

In the last 8 annual appeals our stakeholders have accomplished many important projects. Years 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 were SEF years and so an annual appeal was not conducted in those years.

2017 623 donors – $113,076 to install air conditioning in the Dowd Center and weight room.

2015 621 donors – $142,244 to purchase a Ford Transit, refinish the stage floor, install new drop ceilings and LED lighting in the science wing labs, new floor auto scrubber and new snow plow hydraulic blade.

2014 544 donors – $71,807 to purchase 212 hall lockers, replace entrance/camera security system, new Dowd Center downspouts and entrance door security latches.

2012 624 donors – $82,928 to purchase 355 classroom desks, new band instruments & uniforms.

2011 579 donors – $55,102 to install new windows in the weight room & science wing classrooms.

2009 696 donors – $47,932 for new windows in the northwest wing classrooms and offices.

2008 606 donors – $37,325 to refinished the floor & install new lighting in the Dowd Activity Center.

2006 312 donors – $29,930 to replace the main entrance doors & add new security equipment.

Annual Appeal checks should be made payable to: Scotus Central Catholic HS

Thank you for supporting the Annual Appeal and Scotus Central Catholic High School!

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