Chuck Hagel Legacy Project/STEAM LAB

The Chuck Hagel Legacy Dinner held at Scotus on September 22, 2017 was a tremendous success. More than 300 guests were in attendance for an event that provided Scotus Central Catholic the opportunity to raise funds for a new STEAM lab and to honor one it its most distinguished graduates, former U.S. Senator and Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel ‘64. STEAM is an acronym for Science–Technology–Engineering–Arts–Mathematics and will feature equipment such as 3-D printing, robotics, cybersecurity, biomechanics, graphic design, white boards, computers, video production, audio production, and a variety of material and experimental supplies. Along with the exceptional fundraising work of Scotus alumnus and former Chuck Hagel staff member, Aaron Dowd ’99. $299,100 was initially raised for the project.

In the summer of 2018 Betsy Rall was hired as the school’s new STEAM coordinator. She has a high level of mathematics and science expertise and among her duties she will team teach with several other Scotus faculty. This position was also created to assist students and faculty build relationships with the Columbus business community. Through the STEAM program, students will for the first time be taking classes in video production, computer aided drawing, graphic design and computer science. We will also offer STEAM classes that will be focused on problem based learning. This will give our students the opportunities to use critical thinking and collaboration to solve problems. All of these things will continue to help our students be college ready, but it is our hope that we can make them career ready as well.



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