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Chuck Hagel Dinner

Scotus Dinner to Feature Secretary Chuck Hagel ’64

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Chuck Hagel ‘64 is a long-time supporter of his alma mater and has frequently attributed his achievements in life to the years he spent at our school, known then as St. Bonaventure High School.

Last spring, Scotus Central Catholic officials asked Mr. Hagel if he would consider helping the school with a unique fundraising event and at the same time allow the school to recognize one of its most prominent graduates, Vietnam War veteran, successful businessman, United States Senator representing Nebraska (1997-2009), and 24th United States Secretary of Defense (2013-2015).

With great enthusiasm, Secretary Hagel has agreed to speak to the Scotus student body in an assembly the afternoon of Friday, September 22nd; and later that evening he will be the guest speaker at a fundraising dinner in the Scotus cafeteria.

The September 22nd dinner event’s goal is to raise funding to repurpose an area in the school into a new    Chuck Hagel STEAM Lab/Maker Space.  A STEAM Lab/Maker Space has been a long-term wish list goal of Scotus–STEAM is an acronym for (Science–Technology–Engineering–Arts–Mathematics.)

Students in a STEM program receive a sound education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; but with the addition of the Arts in the STEAM program, students are allowed to experience the processes of creativity, ingenuity and innovation that the arts provides.  Along with the Catholic, faith-based education that is part of the entire curriculum, Scotus students using the STEAM lab will be better prepared to take on leadership roles in the established and emerging careers of our society.

Academic excellence has long been a trademark of Scotus Central Catholic. The world of education continues to change and technology is the driving force for that change. The creation of a STEAM lab will allow our students to get hands-on experience and create opportunities for innovation and creativity. Please consider supporting the creation of this lab and make an investment in our students.”  — Jeff Ohnoutka, President

This new lab will feature equipment such as: 3-D printing, robotics, graphic design, white boards, computers, video production, audio production, and a variety of material and experimental supplies.  More importantly, the Chuck Hagel STEAM Lab will provide a “maker space” that will inspire students to integrative learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics; and to use these subject areas to foster inquiry, critical and innovative thinking, hands-on construction and testing of models and working together to solve problems.

The event is open to the public. Dinner tickets are $50.00 and must be purchased by September 14.

Corporate Tables (8 seats) are available for $500.00.  For more information, contact the Scotus development office.


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