What is FBLA?
FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. It is a professional student organization that is available in a majority of schools across America.

FBLA has three main aspects:
SocialWe get to know each other and have lots of fun
Professional Where we learn new things about business, attend conferences, and work on job skills.
Community ServiceWhere we give back something to the community that has given us so much.

What does FBLA do?
Promote competent, aggressive business leadership. Understand American business enterprise Establish career goals. Encourage scholarship. Promote sound financial management. Develop character and self-confidence. Facilitate transition from school to work.

FBLA Advisors: Patti Salyard and Jo Moody

2019-2020 Activity Dates

February: FBLA Week (Feb. 2nd-8th)

March: Junior High Business Competition (March 2nd)

March: SLC Meeting (March 26th)

March/April: State Leadership Conference in Kearney (March 30th-April 1st)

April: FBLA Awards/Officer Induction Ceremony (April 30th)


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