Lunch Payments 2019-2020

Carb Sheets

SCOTUS CENTRAL CATHOLIC LUNCH MENU: September 28th – October 30th, 2020

September 28 – October 2

Monday:      Pork Fajita, Tri Potato, Romaine Lettuce, Fruit

Tuesday:      Mandarin Orang e Chicken, Rice, Mixed Veggie, Fruit

Wednesday:  Cheese Lasagna Roll-ups, Green Beans, Pudding Cup, Fruit

Thursday:  Country Baked Pork Steak, Mashed Potato, Dinner Roll Fruit

Friday:        Chicken Patty on a Bun, Chips, Baked Beans, Fruit

October 5 – October 9

Monday:         Chicken Tenders, Rice, Broccoli, Fruit

Tuesday:         BBQ Rib, Mixed Veggie, Fruit

Wednesday:   Breakfast Sandwich, Tri Potato, Baked Beans, Fruit

Thursday:       Quesadilla, Corn, Fruit

Friday:             Steak Fingers, Mashed Potato, Carrots, Dinner Roll, Fruit

October 12 – October 16

Monday:         Ham, Au Gratin Potato, Green Beans, Dinner Roll, Fruit

Tuesday:         Beef Bean Burrito, Smile Fries, Broccoli, Fruit

Wednesday:   No Lunch

Thursday:       No Lunch

Friday:             No Lunch

October 19 – October 23

Monday:        Chicken Chili Crispito, Mixed Veggie, Fruit

Tuesday:        Goulash, Broccoli, Garlic Bread, Fruit

Wednesday:  Calzone(all meat), Curly Fries, Fruit

Thursday:      Sloppy Joe, Chips, Baked Beans, Fruit

Friday:            Cheese French Bread, Tomato Soup, Fruit

October 26 – October 30

Monday:        Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potato, Dinner Roll, Fruit

Tuesday:        Chili, Baked Cheese, Green Beans, Fruit

Wednesday:  Taco, Tri Potato, Broccoli, Fruit

Thursday:       Hot Dog, Chips, Carrots, Fruit

Friday:            Chicken Nuggets, Smiles Fries, Fruit


***Choice of 1% and Fat-Free Unflavored and Fat-Free Flavored Milk offered daily and included with each lunch.

***Fruit/ Veg Bar offered daily and included with each lunch.

***Menu Subject to Change       ***USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.







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