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Mass Schedule

MWINTER WEATHER POLICY: On days when Scotus is delayed or closed due to winter weather, the Mass offered to the public will be canceled. The mass will still be said but will not be offered at the normally scheduled time.

Week of April 17
– Monday:                 No Mass
– Tuesday:                 7:20am (+Sebastian Zarbano)
– Wednesday:           7:30am Confessions and 3:40pm Mass(+Stanley and Martha Jablonski) – Thursday:               7:20am (+Wayne Lafferty)                                                                                 – Friday:                    2:30pm All School Mass (Students and Alumni of SCC)

Week of April 24
– Monday:                7:20am (+)
– Tuesday:                7:20am (+)
– Wednesday:         7:30am Confessions and 3:40 Mass (+Ryan Jablonski)
– Thursday:             7:20am (+Tim Vanberg)
– Friday:                  7:20am (+Margaret Keiter)

Week of May 1
– Monday:               7:20am (+Ryan Jablonski)
– Tuesday:               7:20am (Haliegh)
– Wednesday:         7:20am (+Claire Mailliard and Marion Dunlap)
– Thursday:            7:20am (+Raymond (Bud) Owens)
– Friday:                  7:20am (+)

Week of May 8
– Monday:                7:20am (+)
– Tuesday:                7:20am (+)
– Wednesday:          10:16 Senior Mass
– Thursday:              7:20am (+Art and Eileen Gabriel)
– Friday:                    7:20am (+)

Week of May 15 – DEAD WEEK
– Monday:                7:20am (+Stanley and Martha Jablonski)
– Tuesday:                Semester Exams 7:30am
– Wednesday:          Semester Exams 7:30am
– Thursday:              Faculty Mass @ 8:30 – faculty and staff only.
– Friday:                   No Mass

If you would like a Mass said for a personal intention, perhaps a sick or deceased relative, please call the Scotus Main Office and ask to put a Mass on the Schedule.
Suggested Mass Stipend Donation: $10. 

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