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Mass Schedule

WINTER WEATHER POLICY: On days when Scotus is delayed or closed due to winter weather, the Mass offered to the public will be canceled. The mass will still be said but will not be offered at the normally scheduled time.

Week of Sept 4

– Monday:        NO MASS – NO SCHOOL(+)

– Tuesday:        7:20-(+Amy and Steve Dickas – 25 Wed. Ann)

– Wednesday:  NO MASS – Senior Retreat – (Elena Dunlap – B-Day)

– Thursday:       7:20-(+Dr. Alfred Mallard) JHFB

– Friday:             7:20-(+Special Intention (Cathy and Ray Hajek))

Week of Sept 11

– Monday:        7:00-(+Special Intention (Cathy and Ray Hajek))

– Tuesday:        7:20-(+All Dunlap Grandchildren with birthdays in Septemeber)

– Wednesday:  NO MASS – JR RETREAT(+)

– Thursday:       7:20-(+Poor Souls)

– Friday:          7:20-(+Mary Capadano) – Football

Week of Sept 18

– Monday:        7:20-(+Special Intention (Cathy and Ray Hajek))

– Tuesday:        7:20-(+ Mike St. Arnold)

– Wednesday:  NO MASS – SOPH. RETREAT(+)

– Thursday:       7:20-(+) Football

– Friday:             7:20-(Hagel Dinner) –

Week of Sept 25

– Monday:        7:20-(+) JHVB

– Tuesday:        7:20-(+) JHFB

– Wednesday:  Confessions @ 7:30am MASS @ 3:40pm (+Ryan Jablonski)

– Thursday:       7:20-(+) – Football

– Friday:             2:30pm All School Mass – SB (Scotus Community)


If you would like a Mass said for a personal intention, perhaps a sick or deceased relative, please call the Scotus Main Office and ask to put a Mass on the Schedule.
Suggested Mass Stipend Donation: $10. 

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