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Mass Schedule

WINTER WEATHER POLICY: On days when Scotus is delayed or closed due to winter weather, the Mass offered to the public will be canceled. The mass will still be said but will not be offered at the normally scheduled time.

Week of May 6

– Monday:         (+All Mothers in the Dunlap Family)

– Tuesday:         (+Mike Kosch)

– Wednesday:   10:16 – Senior Mass – Big Gym(L/D Victor and Eileen Brandi Family)

– Thursday:      7:00 – (+Brock Wiese Family and Priest Intention)

– Friday:            7:20 – (+L/D Victor and Eileen Brandi Family)

Week of May 13

– Monday:        7:20 – (+Mike Kosch)

– Tuesday:        7:20 –  (+Mary Bierman)

– Wednesday:  7:40 – (+Vocations to the Priesthood)

– Thursday:      7:40 (+Dr. James A. Mailliard)

– Friday:            Summer Break

If you would like a Mass said for a personal intention, perhaps a sick or deceased relative, please call the Scotus Main Office and ask to put a Mass on the Schedule.

Suggested Mass Stipend Donation: $10.  If you pay for the stipend with a check; Mass Stipends are made out to: Fr. Matthew Capadano.

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