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The Scotus Education Fund drive offers you an important opportunity to provide Scotus students with two of God’s most precious gifts: Faith and Education. Through your support, faith and education are experienced together at Scotus in an environment marked by traditional values, discipline, worship, parental involvement and a high expectation for the success of each individual student. With daily prayer and the celebration of the Mass, students develop a personal experience with Jesus–one that ultimately leads them to a fuller understanding of their faith, the development of sound moral values, respect for each other and an appreciation of God’s gifts in their lives. A dedicated Scotus faculty provides the academic rigor necessary to prepare students for their role in society; and with a 95-100% placement of graduates in post-secondary studies, Scotus Central Catholic is indeed making an impact in our world.

As a nonprofit institution, Scotus relies on four sources of annual income: 1) tuition support from our three Columbus parishes (30%), 2) tuition paid by our student families (36%), 3) SEF donations (12%) and 4) other fundraising/endowment income (22%.) Your support for the SEF 15 drive brings the benefits of a Scotus education within reach of our area families and it helps the school to provide a facility, educational programs and activities that are essential to the effective growth of the entire person.

We invite you to share in the important heritage of Scotus Central Catholic with your participation in SEF 15. In doing so you will support our mission for the next three school years, and you will enable Scotus to continue its 133-year tradition of academic excellence, faith formation and service to the community.


Our three Columbus pastors and the Scotus Board of Education have established the following goals for SEF 15. Here’s how you can make a difference by providing for the Catholic education of our Scotus students:

A. Student Tuition Assistance for 3 school years $ 975,000
B. HVAC Loan Payments during next 3 school years $ 135,000
C. Hard-Surface North Parking Lot (requested by city) $ 125,000
Campaign Expenses $ 10,000
Anticipated Pledge Cancels $ 50,000
Three-Year Overall Goal $1,295,000

A. You Can Provide Essential Tuition Assistance

The most significant component of all SEF drives is to provide tuition assistance for our school families. The average annual cost of tuition for a Scotus student is $2,725 and this can become a difficult burden for families with limited incomes—especially for families with multiple children attending our Catholic schools. With $975,000 committed for tuition assistance, you will provide each Scotus student with a much needed $870 scholarship each year for the next three years!

Investing in a Scotus Student’s Education
Average tuition paid per student (2016-17) $ 2,725 ( 36%)
Parish tuition assistance $ 2,316 ( 30%)
SEF 15 “scholarship” $ 870 ( 12%)
Other fundraising, endowment $ 1,703 ( 22%)
Budgeted cost to educate a Scotus student in 2016-17 $ 7,614 (100%)

B. You Can Provide a Great Environment to Learn

The second major SEF goal is to continue the loan payments on the school’s heating and air conditioning system (installed in 2008.) Three years ago, the loan balance was $640,107 and the current loan balance is $196,000 at an interest rate of 3.75%. Your support will help Scotus make the principal and interest payments over the next three school years ($135,000) and along with Ignite the Faith Campaign rebates from the parishes, hopefully we can close the books on this loan.

C. You Can Expand and Enhance Safer Parking for Our Students

The final SEF goal is to expand and hard-surface the school’s new north parking lot used by Scotus students, Scotus activity guests and parishioners attending services at St. Bonaventure Church. Scotus wasn’t planning to pave the lot for some time, but with the recent acquisition of the corner house on the lot, the city of Columbus has requested that paving work be completed as soon as funds to do the work are raised. The cost for hard-surfacing and landscaping the lot is estimated to be $125,000 and Scotus agrees with the city that this is a necessary improvement for our neighborhood. We also recognize that providing off-street parking on a paved surface, with well-marked parking stalls, will greatly add to the safety and functionality of the parking lot.

Please give your prayerful consideration to these much needed goals and support the SEF 15 fund drive
generously. Supporting the faith-based education of our Scotus youth is the best investment you could ever
make for the future of these young lives and for the future of our Catholic and civic communities!

For more information contact:
Scotus Central Catholic Jr/Sr High School
Jeff Ohnoutka, President
John Schueth, Development Director
1554 18 Ave., Columbus, NE 68601
PH: (402) 564-7165 FAX (402) 564-6004

“Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. For the measure with which you measure will in turn be measured out to you.” (Luke 6:38)

“Consider this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each must do as already determined, without sadness or compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need, you may have an abundance for every good work.” (2 Cor. 9:6-8)

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