The mission of Scotus Student Council is to be an effective group in the overall organization, development, and promotion of student, school, and community activities, to promote those activities that improve and advance scholarship, physical, and moral welfare, and discourage those that defeat or weaken them.

To Become a Member:

Each spring students in grades 8-11 fill out an application form. Students in grade 9-12 have five to seven representatives from their class on Student Council. The selection process includes an essay, faculty vote, and class vote.

Activities/Duties throughout the year include:

* Homecoming – dress-up theme, coronation, dance

* Spirit-Coop – Christmas gifts for community

* Mr. Shamrock – fundraiser for the Simon House

* No-Shave/No-Sock Rule November – charity fundraiser

* Collaboration with administration

* Collaboration with student body

Meetings – bimonthly at 7:40 a.m.

Advisor – Joan Lahm

Student Council Calendar

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